Volunteer With Us!

Do you want to be a goatherd in wild Portugal, spending your days outside, on the mountainside, immersed in nature and surrounded by gentle animals?

Do you want to learn how to care for goats and discover the secrets of Serra da Estrela?


Join us at our headquarters in the rural village of Eirô, central Portugal.

Volunteers get their own room in our spacious traditional property.

The house has an orchard, vegetable garden and, of course, the goat paddock. Please note we currently renovating and there is no hot water on tap!


Learn how to train, handle and care for pack goats.

Volunteer duties include daily goat walking, feeding, mucking out and husbandry.

If you have other skills you’d like to contribute, let us know!


Send us a message via this form if you’d like to be contacted about volunteering at Caminho de Cabras.

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Seia, Serra da Estrela