Transhumance in Portugal and Spain

Lead image: A transhumant flock [CC BY-SA 4.0 by CamDib]

This article explores the rich history of transhumance in Portugal and Spain.

TRANSHUMANCE : A type of pastoralism dependent on the seasonal movement of livestock herds between summer and winter pastures. Derived from Latin ‘trans’ (across) and ‘humus’ (ground).

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The Iberian Ibex in Portugal

The ibex is a majestic and breathtaking beast, well worth seeing in the wild. It can also be a powerful restorative force for ‘broken’ landscapes that have not only lost much of their native fauna, but are rapidly losing the traditional grazing practices that once helped to fill-in for the role of missing wild herbivores.

Exploring the Mountains of Serra da Estrela

‘Mountains of the Stars’ is perhaps the most romantic translation of Serra da Estrela. These are the mountains of Guarda, Central Portugal – an overlooked alpine wilderness at the heart of a country better known for its beaches and cities.

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Seia, Serra da Estrela