The 6 Native Portuguese Goat Breeds

This post examines the key traits and history of the native Portuguese goat breeds. Portugal has six recognised indigenous goats, each with unique looks, temperament and purpose.


The Iberian Ibex in Portugal

The ibex is a majestic and breathtaking beast, well worth seeing in the wild. It can also be a powerful restorative force for ‘broken’ landscapes that have not only lost much of their native fauna, but are rapidly losing the traditional grazing practices that once helped to fill-in for the role of missing wild herbivores.

Prototyping a Pack Goat Saddle

As the winter cold sets in, we’re counting the days until migration. Not long now until this show hits the road, dog in tow, trading the rolling hills of Southern England for the misty mountains of Central Portugal.


Exploring the Mountains of Serra da Estrela

‘Mountains of the Stars’ is perhaps the most romantic translation of Serra da Estrela. These are the mountains of Guarda, Central Portugal – an overlooked alpine wilderness at the heart of a country better known for its beaches and cities.

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Seia, Serra da Estrela