Caminho de Cabras will offer a variety of pack goat experiences, starting in 2025.

Guided Goat Hikes

Explore Serra da Estrela with a herd of fun and friendly pack goats carrying your gear.

  • Tailored Adventures: Our guides will lead you through stunning trails tailored to your skill level and interests. Enjoy a leisurely stroll or a more challenging trek, all in the company of our delightful pack goats.
  • Environmentally-Friendly Exploration: Embrace sustainable travel as our goats carry your gear, allowing you to explore the pristine landscapes of Serra da Estrela without leaving a heavy footprint.
  • Nature & Culture: Experience the unique glacial landscapes of Serra da Estrela, discover its unique flora and fauna, and deepen your understanding of the shepherding traditions that echo through the mountains.


Pack Goat Picnics

Enjoy a luxury picnic of local gastronomic delicacies, including Serra da Estrela cheese and charcuterie and local wine.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these experiences suitable for?

Pack goat experiences are suitable for everyone – no matter your age, fitness level or interest. We will tailor the walk to your needs and preferences.

We will offer walks, hikes and picnics tailored to your needs – whether that means an hour and a half walk with no uphill climbs, or a full day tackling a steep slope to be rewarded with spectacular views.

What do I need to bring?

Bring walking shoes and appropriate clothing.

You may also wish to bring hand sanitizer – our goats are clean and healthy, but the oil in their fur can rub off on your fingers if you pet them a lot and it’s simply common sense to wash your hands after handling livestock!

How do I book?

We are not yet running any experiences. Check back in 2025 or join our mailing list using the form below to be informed when we are open for business.

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