About Us

Caminho de Cabras offers a unique experience in the heart of Portugal.

We are pack goat pioneers, offering exciting and sustainable goat-powered adventures for nature-conscious explorers.

Pack Goats

Pack goats are special goats, bred and trained to carry goat-sized saddles with panniers for gear.

In addition to being trained athletes, our goats are also beloved pets and their wellbeing is our highest priority!

Pack goats are very intelligent, friendly and curious. They love exploring the mountains with their human herd and they are a joy to walk with.


Starting in 2025, we will offer:

  • Guided pack goat hikes
  • Gastronomic pack goat picnics
  • And more, coming soon!

Our guided goats walks and picnics are perfect for individuals, families or groups looking for an exclusive and eco-friendly shepherd experience.

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Seia, Serra da Estrela